KANEX GROUP took part in the First Forum of Interregional Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Uzbekistan
This event organised at the intergovernmental level on October 18–19 brought together several thousand participants — government and business representatives. The main topic of the Forum was to discuss the current conditions and new opportunities for industrial cooperation between the two countries. 
Test stand of BM100
In December 2017, the working body of the BM-100 drilling rig was put into production. BM-100 is a drilling rig intended for drilling vertical and inclined blast holes with a diameter from 110 to 203. The product is developed by KANEX TECHNOLOGY.
On November 8 2017 in the Conference Center of the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation in Moscow the Third National Mining Industry Forum was held.
The visit of the Head of Emelyanovsk district of Krasnoyarsk Region
The construction site of the industrial complex of OKB Micron (included into KANEX Group) has been visited by: Mr. Reynguard Eduard Garoldovich, head of Emelyanovsk district of Krasnoyarsk Region, chairman of Emelyanovsk district council; Mr. Demidov Vladimir Petrovich, the deputy of the legislative assembly of Krasnoyarsk Region, chairman of the Committee for industrial policy, transport and communication, and Mr. Tartashev Yuri Alexandrovich, head of the Interdistrict inspection of the Federal Service for Taxes No.17 for Krasnoyarsk Region.  
Exhibition “Mining”
From November 8 to 10 2016 KANEX GROUP will take part in the IX specialized exhibition of the technologies, equipment and specialized machinery for the mining-and-metallurgical integrated works “MINING / Ural MINING” (Yekaterinburg, Russia). 

Поставка оборудования, запасных частей и материалов от «КАНЕКС ТЕХНОЛОГИЯ»

Mining is the extraction of solid, liquid and gaseous mineral resources from the earth with the help of technical means. Today, it is the most important and powerful sector of Russian industry.

Dressing of minerals is a set of processes of a original treatment of the mineral raw materials which purpose is separation of all valuable minerals from a barren rock, and also separation of valuable minerals from each other. Dressing is the most important intermediate stage between mining operations and use of extracted substances.

Processing of minerals is the kind of mining activity following dressing which includes the classifying at site, crushing or refinement, classification (sorting), preforming, agglomeration and dressing by physical and chemical methods, oil refining and dehydration, natural-gas stripping and dehydration, and other operations specified in agreements which are applied to the license for use of entrails.


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